The study concerns the design of a 4-star hotel, with a capacity of 42 beds, in Kalo Livadi, Mykonos.

The hotel consists of 4 elongated buildings, each one of which has its own swimming pool and open air public space. The white plaster buildings, situated parallel to the slope overlooking the beach of Kalo Livadi, either attach or penetrate the one storey high stone walls, creating an interesting interaction of the two dominant materials.

The first building is situated at the south, where the entrance to the plot takes place. It consists of two attached volumes that include the basic public spaces: the reception with the lounge and the restaurant. The outdoor dining area is situated between the two volumes, under a wooden pergola and interacts with the swimming pool.

The next three buildings accommodate the rooms and suites with individual external spaces. Some of them are equipped with an extended outdoor lounge and small pools, others with jacuzzis. Most of the rooms are located on the ground floor, whereas some suites on the first floor.

 Common functions necessary for the hotel operation, such as kitchen, salon de beaute, spa center, gym, multipurpose area,  laundry room as well as sanitary facilities are organized in the basements of the four buildings.