The study concerns the repair and completion of an existing incomplete country house and the design of its outdoor spaces. The building shell is located on a plot of land next to the sea, with a free view of the archipelagos.

The residence is organized in two levels, the first level consists of the living spaces and two bedrooms with bathroom, each with an independent entrance. The second level consists of a bedroom, a bathroom and a terrace.

The purpose of the design was to create a house with open spaces in a way that respects the landscape, the local architecture and at the same time fulfills the functional needs. The basic principle of the proposal is the integration of internal and external spaces. The additional architectural elements are combined with the old ones, according to the different levels of the terrain, dressed in earthy shades. The interiors have references to Cycladic architecture that is attributed with modern lines.

At the facade of the residence we preserve the existing stone wall. The volume of the mill is covered with plaster in gray color, aiming at the visual alignment with the landscape. The surrounding area develops to levels transferring the basic functions closer to the sea.