The study concerns the design of a 5-star hotel, with a capacity of 40 beds, on a plot next to the sea on the south side of Mykonos.

The intense slope of the plot led to the development of the hotel on 3 levels, which are organized in an imaginary triangle resulting from the geometry of the plot. At the first level we meet the reception areas and 4 rooms, two of which can accommodate people with disabilities. On the north side it is located an extended downward scale to the second level. The descent, along with the entrance to the reception area, indicated by a wooden pergola, passes under the volumes of the first level and leads to a courtyard dominated by a large tree. Having the courtyard as a center, around which the room and restaurant volumes unfold, the descent we mentioned above is branched out into three paths. All walkways penetrate room volumes and lead to open-air public areas. Through a staircase or lift, you can get to the third floor where are located various common functions necessary for hotel operation, such as the salon de beaute, spa, sauna, steam bath, etc. as well as sanitary facilities, a laundry / dryer / linen room and a small desk. All of the above functions unfold around the multipurpose room which is open space, corresponding to the central courtyard that unifies the entire composition. 

All rooms have a private small swimming pool and an outdoor dining area or jacuzzi.

As far as the surrounding area is concerned, an artificial pavement starts off the verandas of the southwest rooms and ends up in the pool, which offers the bathers the opportunity to rest overlooking the sea.