The study concerns the design of a complex of rented rooms in Platis Gialos of Mykonos.

The complex is constructed through the repetition of a cellular, orthogonal volume. The buildings are located on the north-south direction, with their larger openings facing the south. The space of each room extends into an elongated private courtyard that is divided into different levels in order to adapt to the slope of the ground and at the same time to act as a filter for the transition from the private courtyard to the public spaces. The courtyards are shaded by a light system of a wooden carrier and fabric that embraces the volumes in groups, while its vertical elements act as a divider for the yards of the rooms. A more modern approach is applied to the elements of the facades and the design of the private and public spaces, while preserving the simplicity that characterizes the traditional architecture. The building of the reception differs in its orientation, which is directed towards the entrance of the complex. The waiting area extends to the open deck, shaded by the pergola of the entrance and the trees. 

As far as the interior of the building is concerned, the walls are covered with plaster in white color, while the floors are painted with brown cement.

The materials proposed for the facades of the buildings are white plaster, local stone and wooden frames and pergolas. In the surrounding area the floors are covered with cement or, in part, with a wooden deck, while natural stone and off-white plaster are found in elongated terraces and lounge area. In addition, the outdoor design includes paths, planted flower beds and two water surfaces to cool the smaller relaxation areas.