This architectural study consists of the construction of a 5-star hotel in Plintri of Mykonos, with amphitheatrical view of the beach of Super Paradise. Driven by the intense slope of the natural terrain and respecting the natural environment, the hotel develops in two zones so that all the room units as well as the public areas of the hotel have unobstructed view of the Super Paradise bay.

 The main intention of the design was to preserve and highlight the curved forms resulting from the intense terrain and their transcription into the hotel's structure. Our basic proposal is the creation of flow lines, translated into the basic form of the main volumes, as well as all the hotel's outdoor areas. The rooms are divided into groups of four. Two rooms are located on the ground floor with a private pool and an entrance by an outdoor space, which through successive filters of planting and construction gradually reveals the view. On the upper floor we place two more rooms and their outdoor spaces. Overall, our proposal includes 21 rooms, two of which can accommodate people with disabilities.

In the public areas of the hotel we arrive through a central descent, along which we meet the dining area, changing rooms and finally the main pool, which is also bounded by the basic flowing lines that make up the hotel unit. A coherent space is created that respects the natural terrain and, at the same time, translates into a modern approach the Mykonian architecture of leisure accommodation.