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Regency Villa

  • location

    Mykonos, Greece

  • status

    completed project - 2021

  • gnb team

    Andreas Giovanos, Maria Vlachou, Christina Charistou, Alexandra Stamatiou, Eleni Sklavou, Chara Venetsanaki, Konstantinos Katris, Christos Georgakopoulos

  • structural engineering

    Gnb Architects


    Gnb Architects

  • interior design

    Gnb Architects

  • light design

    Gnb Architects

  • landscape design

    Gnb Architects

  • licencing

    Gnb Architects

  • supervision

    Gnb Architects

  • construction


  • photography

    Tzanis Tzanetopoulos, Andreas Bekas

The study for the Regency Villa concerns a small hotel complex of 5 rooms in Mykonos. All the rooms are developed on the long axis of the plot and oriented towards the sea view.


The complex is already perceived from street level. Two cubic shaped structures, which are connected by a bridge on the upper level, are located in the middle of the plot. Access to the plot is from the south-east side, where there is an open-air parking area. This area is the starting point of a linear route, which passes through the 2 structures and ends in an outdoor relaxing area. This common area includes outdoor seating, barbeque,  bar and a pool area.


Each of the 2 building volumes was studied separately, in order to resolve the maximum possible exploitation of the space. Each room can accommodate two to three people, while it has a private outdoor area, roofed with a pergola to offer sun protection during the summer months.


Trying to adapt the customer’s desire to create independent rooms, but with the possibility of using them as a whole, the rooms are characterized by their extroversion and brightness. This feeling is enhanced by the choice of materials and individual operations. An “open” plan design is selected for the bathrooms and also is, the use of glass for the partition walls. The inevitable bulky objects, such as the wardrobes, are designed and manufactured from a thin-section metal frame, which reduces the feeling of solidity, while leaving the diffusion of light throughout the space. The design choice of the desks and benches, which are affixed to the walls, follows the same line. In order to avoid the fragmentation of the space, wooden panels are chosen to allow the visual coherence of the space.