The study concerns the design of a 4-star hotel, with a capacity of 32 beds, in Agios Stefanos, Mykonos.

The entrance to the plot is at the west, where cars can be parked. The rather irregular geometry of the plot led us to locate the first building along the narrow “neck” of the plot. This volume consists of two smaller ones, which contain the basic public areas: the reception, the lounge, a small shop and the business center. In between them there is an outdoor lounge. Three of the rooms are situated on the first floor of this building, whereas in the basement we find secondary hotel functions.

The next building one confronts when exiting the public area volumes is made of stone and accommodates 3 suites with individual external space and small pools overlooking the sea. In the basement are located various common functions necessary for the hotel operation, such as the salon de beaute, the spa center and the gym, as well as sanitary facilities.

In the center of the plot, on a second level, one meets the courtyard where the big pool, the pool bar under a pergola with makuti and the dining area take place. The kitchen is located in the basement.

The last building one meets located on the north side of the plot includes 5 rooms  with a smaller common pool on the first level and 5 more rooms on the second level with verandas, wooden pergolas and jacuzzis, overlooking the pool and bar area. A laundry / dryer / linen room, the staff locker room and resting area and other secondary spaces are located in the basement of this building.

The dominant materials are natural stone, plaster in earthy shades, wooden windows and pergolas, makuti and forged cement in external spaces.