This study concerns the design of a hotel in Mykonos. The proposed rooms are a total of eight, four small independent villas and 4 suites. The rooms are located parallel to the front of the plot, forming independent volumes, while public areas recede into the center of the plot. The entire tourist complex has a southeast orientation, which overlooks the beach of Super Paradise and the sea.

The basic synthetic principle is the creation of a complex of indoor and outdoor spaces of varying qualities, as in summer human activity occurs mainly in the countryside. This is accomplished by designing sheltered areas, enclosed yards hosting outdoor showers or fully exposed areas in the sun and in the air.

In the interior, movable, sliding panels and a variety of perforated surfaces act as filters that allow or prevent visual contact with each space and give depth to the interior of the room. The succession of soft and hard materials such as wood with marble, stone with fabric, the use of white and earthy colors, as well as a variety of cross-sections and textures, aim at a modern transcription of the island's architecture that interacts with the existing landscape that surrounds it.

The materials we recommend on the facades of the buildings are white plaster and stone, aiming at a visual harmony with the landscape. In the surrounding area, due to the use of the complex, it is proposed to place private swimming pools and pergolas that meet the shading needs. Besides the private swimming pools of the rooms, the water element is also found in the public spaces, contributing to the aesthetic upgrading.